Phew.. weekend is over and a new week has begun… the week was good fun.. lol

– Last week, Work had eased up and i wasnt spending as much time in front of the comp as i used to..Yipee~~ razz

– Caught up with some friends and spent oodles of time with them.. Chit chatting… coffee.. hop skip jumping[now, that calls for another post] from one place to the other..lolrazz

– Went for a super cool concert called Oceanic Dream – Karaikudi Mani(Mridangam maestro with an Aussie band- Australian Orchestra) on Thursday.. They played a good 2hrs filled with amazing sounds, music and some more.. soulful evening it was…

– Rocked Saturday evening with Euphoria.. Free passes, can you beleive it.. the passes where free..completely free.. no strings attached, no hidden agenda… just couldnt believe iteek. all we had to do was walk into SAE college and fill out database kinda forms (name, age, qualification, email id, occupation) and walk out with the passes..lolrazz I managed to bring home 8.. of which 2went to waste… sigh…

The 1st pic was taken thru Google.. n 2nd i clicked at the venue from the big screen.. not very clear eek
An evening that began at 7.45, ended at 10.30m and then continued with more fun at friend’s place till 1am..lolrolleyes

-Sunday morning dawned with me and my sis taking Floppy to the vet.. he had been limping, and so we took him.. our vet wasnt in town, found an alternative thanks to our neighbor, and found an animal haven..razzrazzlol

this place is called The Ark, and they have a vet n provide home for dogs, and cats when their owners go outta town.. there were these 3adorable doggies.. Champa[chk out pic below], the Basset hound, Inji and Heidi, the adorable boxer girls…. and a Daschund, dint linger about long enuf to get his name lol..razznot only these, but the neighboring houses also had dogs.. the home right next door had 3dogs- no jokes- a pom like dog, a boxer and a stray… 🙂
we fell in love wiht the entire street cos of all these adorable darlings…

Anyways.. sunday wore on… but was a bit tired, guess it was cos of all the action the prev nite at the concert.. and so had to give the Blogger’s meet a miss… sigh… just read that it was super fun.. hope the nxt one happens soon…rolleyes

and now its Monday… morning was time for errands and i also made lunch… now time for work and then some chilling out… razzlol

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