Warning: Am pissed off and on a rampage here..

I know, this is a post about a movie, so, why isnt it in my other blog? well, this is not a review, but about my experience at the movie and what i wanna share with all … 🙂

Today morning my friend S called asking if i wanna go with her and V(hi school friends), to watch The Happening at Inox, 7pm.. Since i dint have any meetings, or work, i said Ok… Dint know much about the movie, except that it was Manoj Night Shyamalan, so has to be wierd…..

Got to the theater, went into the hall armed with popcorn, Nachos, drinks and got comfortable, waiting for the movie to begin…

Couple of mins after it began… Thud… Thud… Thud …people falling off a tall building(in the process of construction) and dying… and this is what happens through the movie… Trees shake in the wind.. leaves rustle… we are feeling cold (not out of fear, but cos the damned AC in the hall was freaking cold…lolz) and then we see more people dying… Wham! [shooting themselves].. Bang Bang[banging their head against glass].. everything… Gory to the height of infinity…. what the hell.. do you want to mind F$%^ people? and send them home being paranoid [ i remember reading an excerpt where Mark Wahlberg said he has become paranoid since the movie.. scared of everything and anything]

“Are those animals dead on the road?”, “Honey, dont you have the binoculars you used to use to spy on our neighbors in the back of the car?”… one of the dialogues~~~ tsk tsk…

The Hero is ok… kinda lost in his own world.. science buff he is, always working with numbers..

The lady, Zooey Deschanel, was plain scary looking in some scenes.. she has big eyes that look like they are gonna pop out..

People… if you have any plans of watching the movie…. i suggest, Dont… and if you have kids.. dont take em… i mean, its not scary, or anything… just very Disturbing n Gory…..

This was it.. i got no clues why He made the movie.. what was the logic.. am i missing something here???

The movie should have a disclaimer – “Watch if you are mentally unstable”

All in all The happening did not happen…

And why was Ronnie screwvala’s name in the titles??? they produced it???? whoa…

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