A little something for this week’s 3WW

What are you doing outside, son?

Well, Sir, i thought it was inappropriate for me to barge in without knocking and when i did knock, there was no response, so decided to wait!

Oh, poor kid, you should have knocked harder.. I was inside talking to my missus and getting the room in order for your visit. By the way, hope you had no trouble finding the place?

Truth be told, Sir, i had a bit of trouble. Got off the bus at the junction and dint know how to get to the cottage. Walked around aimlessly till a gentleman came my way. When i asked him for directions to the Dreams Villa, he showed me a shortcut. Even though the path was rugged and there were vines all around, i managed to get here in one piece.

Sir, why did the gentleman gasp when i mentioned the place?

Good of you,my boy! Well done, am proud of you!! It was a test to see if you can find your way, which is why i dint give you directions. Now, now, that gentleman is just an old coot… dont mind his reactions!!

Come on in, check out the room that is going to be your home the next two months and get yourself settled in.

Sir, errr, where is your wife? you said you were talking to her when i knocked!

She is inside, must be getting the closet and bathrooms sorted out…. Freshen up, and come over to the kitchen!

Ma’am, he whispered walking into the room.. Nothing.. no answer.. no noise…

His teeth were chattering in the cold, he was scared and nervous.. Slowly walked across the room calling out to the lady, and came across empty spaces only…

More shivering….Thinking to himself “Oh,God, what have i gotten myself into.. Sigh.. no going back now, i better make the most of it while am here!!”

Son, are you coming? me and my wife are waiting here with hot cup of hot chocolate!!!

Jeez~!!! Am doomed!!!

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