After a brief hiatus, am back on 3WW

I cant control them anymore, the words seem to pour out for no reason. Every day as i wake up, the only thought on my mind is “what will it be today?” And when work hits me like a comet, i cant be indifferent towards my client’s needs and say,”no, i shall write only what i feel like”.
At times, it gets a bit frustrating, for my mind is elsewhere while my hands strain to type within the fixed outline. But still, i have noticed, that i manage to do full justice to whatever i write, and the finished product makes me smile…

I love writing~~~

Well, i started writing about 2yrs back, and it was with creative writing that i began this journey. To think that today i actually write for a living and am loving it, makes me wonder if this is what i was meant to do and it took me all these years to figure it out~~ 🙂

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