Today morning while walking to our nearby store, i came across not one, but atleast 4 women begging.. some had kids, and others were using their children to beg.. I dint give anything… infact at one girl(who must have been about 6yrs old), i asked her “why she wasnt in school?”, she scorned at me and went away….

Another sight that i’ve gotten accustomed to is the fact that there is a lorry(truck, tempo, watever you wanna call it) parked around the corner, after the Pizza Hut signal(on Sterling road) and there is music blaring from the speakers on the rear of the truck… Spread across the streets on either side, we see people being led around with a begging bowl.. the ones who are begging are BLIND and the ones leading em around are normal people with good eye sight… What the heck is this???? new style begging??? i feel awful whenever i see them.. infact i even wonder if the blind have lost their sight just so they can beg??[like u see in movies, and read in books.. people hurting themselves on purpose, becomming handicapped, etc just to earn a few bucks the easy way]…

Why are they begging?
Why cant they go do something to earn a living?
Do we have to pity them?
Is it wrong to shoo them away?
Do we have to give money to the beggers??
What do you do when you see them lurking about???

In Ajmer, before our visit to the Dargah, we [me and my friend A] were sitting in the cab while the men[being all manly, protecting and macho] went about looking for a hotel where we could wash up, change and head to the dargah, a mob of beggers surounded the cab and started tapping on window, door begging.. there was an old lady, who looked like the ring leader who went about throwing curses at us, about how we shall not prosper cos we dint help her, and how we had car and all, and yet dint bother giving them any money…. eeks.. infact after our visit to the Dargah, and then spending time in the hotel, and finally when we left the town, there were quite a few of the beggers, incl a little girl running along wiht the car screaming stuff…

What is it about begging that has them hooked?
Do they love it so much?? [ most sought after profession…].. sigh…

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