Was working in my room when i heard the gate being rattled.. peeped out the window and saw someone standing there.. Asked him “yaarunga.. [who’s that?]” to which our man promptly replied “A [my name]”..

Whoa, what was i doing at the gate??? and inside my room?? am i omnipresent?? interesting na…

This is not just a one off thing… couple of days back when the chair repair guy had come… he was again at the gate… most of them are scared to come in cos of Floppy[to think someone is actually scared of him.. lolz]… anyways… i again called out asking who it was and phatak came the reply “A[my name once again]”…

What is it with these people??? they been trained to instantly give the name of the person they are there to see??? have they forgotten that when someone asks them who they are, they need to either give their name or say courier, post, repair, etc…. 🙂

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