For those of you who are wondering what this is about, well, i saw this TV show called Man Vs Beast on AXN [if i remember right] and it just baffles me…

Here is a peek into what the show is about and then shall throw in my thoughts [ for the benefit of those who’ve not seen this show]

A show that is about competition
Real life serious stuff
Bad enough there are zillion reality shows, where humans compete with each other, here they are competing against the beasts…

Yep, you read it right.. Literally…

  • A man and a dog run and throw themselves into a 60ft deep pond to see who can jump the farthest.. must say the dog was a sexy black labrador that won by half a foot!~~![ 27ft vs 27.5ft]
  • A gymnast and a chimp go at it hanging from the bar… who can sustain longer… the show i saw had the man wincing in pain, alternating hands.. while the Chimp happily swung, and infact played around a bit with its legs and then …hehehe… went on to peee right there…. 😀 n finally it clung onto a post that was there.. this Disqualified the Chimp and the man won!! yipee~~ [6:08 mins]
  • Yet another saw a man and a gorilla clambering up a tall tree post, to see who can reach the top fastest… the gorilla did!
  • 4 tiny men ran a relay race against a wacko camel… [i aint kidding you… they ran and passed the baton to each other as the raging camel ran in the next lane]
I couldnt take it anymore.. dint watch the completion of the race, so dont know who won… Uff!!
OK, here come my thots and questions…

What on earth is wrong with people creating TV shows??
Are they running out of ideas?
Or are humans getting insecure and competing with their animal counterparts to prove they
are stronger?? Duh!!!

And am pretty sure the animals have no idea they are in a COMPETITION.. for them,its just something they do..instinctly… a dog runs after something, a chimp hangs on the tree all day.. I wonder what they would do/say if they knew that they were indeed in a game that involved winning and prizes…. 🙂

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