I have decided i am gonna pen down some stuff about me that fascinate me and people around me…. [blowing my own trumpet i know…but heck, why not~]

– i smile all the time [no matter how am feeling / if there is bugging me or not]

– i can write poems that are not beyond 3stanzas… [a friend suggested i shd try writing longer ones cos my poems can be extended, but somehow that doesnt happen]

– i have no problems striking a conversation with a total stranger [ a guy sitting next to me at the movie, or a lady with a cute baby in the theater]

– i love sending sms’s to friends [not random fwds, but msgs like hi how are you, n stuff like that]

– i absolutely loveeeeeeeeeeee babiesss [ yesterday a cousin had come home wiht her 5mth old son, he is soo cute.. i just couldnt let go of him, infact my sis and i were telling each other that we should just take the baby, go to the backyard and maybe our cousin will go off to the wedding leaving him behind..hehehe…]

– i dont mind taking off time and spending it with friends[ sometimes doing nothing, sometimes just going to n fro wondering what to do…lol]

– i just cannot do anything unless there is music playing… while working, in gym, cleaning my cupboard, packing, cooking, everythin…. 🙂

– i can stay up as late as possible at nite but NOT get up early..[can go to bed at 4am or 5am, but not wake up at 5, unless am rushing for a train/flight/wedding.. happened today, woke up at 5 cos granparents were going out and was walking around the house like a wacko cos my body was going berserk..couldnt sleep, couldnt wake up…just bleh…]

more later~~ …. 🙂

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