A movie i’ve seen earlier, but that had me glued last night to the TV.razzrazz. The Holiday...

A simple story, about two gals who are heart broken and looking to get away from their routine life., go somewhere and try getting over the men they were in love withbiggrin.. The interesting part about the movie is how they end up in each other’s homes for 2weeks, and find men who they care about and fall for pretty hard…biggrinbiggrin

Cameroon Diaz (Amanda Woods), and Kate Winslet(Iris Simpikins),biggrin the main leading ladies, accompanied by Jude law(Graham) and Jack Black(Miles) make this movie fun, sweet, romantic, mushy mushy and adorable..razz Oh, not to forget the sweet 90year old Eli Wallach as Arthur Abbott, a famous screenwriter of yesteryears…

Iris, a British social columnist who continues to love a man she can’t have, but who tries to make sure to be in touch with her, inspite of him being engaged to other woman and Amanda, a L.A. film trailer producer, who simply cannot cry, and has not since she was 15, when her parents split up… Though Iris and Amanda live thousands of miles apart, they are in exactly the same place: Just before Christmas, Iris and Amanda decide to take a needed break from the men in their lives (played by Edward Burns and Rufus Sewell) … While looking for a holiday destination, Amanda stumbles upon Iris’s cottage home, but on the condition that its up only for home exchange[meaning they swap homes] … razzrazz

how their lives change…. How instead of getting over the men, they fall for new men… and the sweet journey from London to LA….

the cutest scene acc to me is when Amanda gets ready to head back to LA, and on the doorstep tells Graham .. Am gonna kiss you for the millionth time and tell you ‘be seeing you”…. brought tears!! and the Doggie is adorableeeeeeeeeeee…. biggrin

Ohh… oh…. not gonna spoik it in case you havent seen it~~ pick up the DVD and watch itrazz

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