My Friend,S and i decided to go check out Blind date movie, which is a concept at Satyam theaters, where we dont know what the movie is.. It could be a new release or it could be a movie dubbed in Tamil.. i’ve not been to one, so we went to the theater assuming we’d get tickets.. alas, it wasnt so… anyways decided to catch a movie and this was one running at the 7pm slot… Mere Baap pehle Aap.. smilesmile

S had seen it, but said she dint mind watching it so got tickets and must say, its one movie where i laughed like crazysmile….

The movie is all about Janardhan Rane smile(Paresh Rawal, at his peak..hehehe ), who has two son (Akshaye Khanna) and Chirag (Manoj Joshi). Gaurav, now grown up, takes care of his father, like a father!! i mean literally, he shouts, screams, orders and even threatens his baap but all cos he loves his dad too much.. The father and son duo manage the business as well as the household chores, dad is the cook!! Janardhan’s chaddi dost, Madhav (Om Puri), is desperate to get married, but Gaurav is dead against their friendship.

Because, Madhav is forever on look out for a bride and almost always land himself and Janardan into trouble,couple of times at the Police Stationsmilesmile(Archana puran singh as the Inspector..), and it is upto Gaurav has to bail them out and face the embarrassment. And this happens not once or twice, but way too many times!!

One day, Gaurav stars receiving crank calls from a girl calling herself Rose, who claims to be his classmate. Rose is in fact Shikha (Genelia) who’s playing a prank with Gaurav.. After a while, zillion phone calls to his store and to their home, seductive talk to his dad about how she has a child with Akshaye, etc etc… Shikha accepts the prank and they become friends. Shikha lives with Teacher Anuradha (Shobhana) n her friend.When the dad is busy looking for a girl for his son, in comes Anu(the teacher), upon seeing whom Janardhan is lost.. it takes a whole bunch of intervention from the kids to figure out the truth and what happens next is the entire story…

Genelia is adorable…razz never seen her this cute in any movie.. and she has also acted well..
The wacko scenes with Rajpal yadav and Akshay was hilarious…. laugh till your tummy hurts!!

There are some parts which i dint quite get:–

Anu suddenly says ok to marrying Janardhan
The 1st daughter inlaw who is against her FIL, Janardhan remarrying agrees to it and is all smiles at the wedding… did just a slap do the trick?? hmmm..

Disclaimer-leave your brains at home and go enjoy the movie…

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