Every morning, its become a routine…
i get up, off my bed, and start looking around my room…
Behind the curtains
under the books
near the computer table
underneath my laptop… Oh,yes, i do!!
these red tiny pests just seem to be everywhere,…
Where do they come from????
They have just taken over our house.. red ants… pop out of nowhere and looks like they are hereto stay!!
I keep an unopened packet of biscuits… chappati and in couple of minutes i see a string of ants….  How dare they!!!!
We make rice and keep it in the pressure cooker
By late evening… eeeks… yep, ants all over it..
what is it ?
do they think our home is their home??
is it a case of mistaken identity or are they just dumb??
  • i spray HIT
  • pour hot water
  • Wipe them clean
  • draw cute zig zag lines with Lakshman reka(its like a chalk piece thingy that is supp to work against roaches n ant… wonder if it does!!! they simply find an alt route..smart  b%^*&^ #)
and ta da… its almost like they are performing magic… there they are !!!!
wagging their itsy bitsy butt saying “whatcha gonna do now.. we are back.. na ni na ni na ni….”… Hmfph!!!!
At the entrance of our home, you will be greeted not by us, but by a whole clan of red ants, Happily forming a chain or a necklace.. all over the freaking place  and i wonder what they have found now!!!
where is that Hit can???
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