Today morning was coming back home from friend’s house and my auto and all other vehicles were halted by cops near Gemini Fly over for a couple of minutes… i was dwiddling my thumbs wondering who is the big shot going out…

[pic clicked by yours truly from inside the auto of the deserted road]

was jolted from my thots by a honk.. honk honk… wondering where it was coming from, i looked around… peeped out the auto to see a girl in the bike on my left, behind a bike guy was the culprit… me and the bike guy looked at her and turned away..

couple of secs passed… honk honk honk…
this was it.. i had had enuf.. who does she think she is..
peeped out again, this time looking straight at her.. and said “why are you honking?”
you know what she replied

“whats your problem?”[ most rude condescending manner]

i lost it.. “lady, there is no point in honking, they’ve stopped traffic all across, cant you see”… stop honking, it aint gonna help”

“i aint honking for you, its for them”… she replied…
i nearly fell off the auto [laughing in my head]

“well, then you need to go ahead to the front and honk in their face, for they sure dont seem to have heard you”
she zipped up…. sat back and waited the next few secs before we were allowed to go..

Where does she get off behaving like that?
and what did i do that she snaps at me??

1. she aint gutsy enuf to go in front and honk at the cops
2. she has the audacity to tell a stranger whats your problem when in a such situation when she is honking away to glory….

Oh… her bike had “PRESS” on it.. is that her excuse????? the reason behind her lovely attitude????

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