She walked out onto the porch
He looked up at her and then went back to staring into space…
She sat next to him… put his head on her lap… and started running her hands over his body…
It felt so soft n warm…. she thought to herself.. i could sit like this forever…..
“How u doing today sweetums?, why being so quiet?”
she continued… “You know what i would love, us in a house far away from this crazy world… loads of open space and beautiful mountains around… wouldn’t that be perfect?”
no reply… no nothing…

“You mad at me or something? hmmm, i dint do nothing, i know… Cmon now, look at me”
He did… looked up at her,and turned his face away
Rested his chin on her leg and just lay there…
“Are you tired? hungry? Do you want me to get you some hot coffee? or something to eat?”, she asked
No reply….
“Oye, mister, tell now….”, she pleaded….
Nope, nothing from him…

Just then, there came a voice from inside the house….
“A, can you come help me in the puja room please?” It was her gramma…

Haan, am coming… Not doing anything here.. he wont say anything, just wants to be left alone, i guess.
“Just give him his evening coffee, am sure he would like that”, she replied…
“Ok, am coming’, saying that she began to get off the step…

NO NO NO.. he began to protest..
just wouldnt let go of her…. held on tight…. clinging to her legs
Cmon now, stop being a baby,sweety, i shall come back and be with you in a bit!! ….

Floppy.. let me go already…. u mangy muttt!!!;)

Was just in a wacko moood… hehehe… he did have his cuppa coffee and lapped it up in seconds!!! 🙂

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