Couple of days back when i was scrounging about at Nilgiris (the supermarket near home), i came upon these boxes with cute noodle pics on them… 
Upon closer inspection, i discovered it was a box of Pad Thai Noodles, with noodles, sauces, Thai curry paste and all that… So, brought one home and must say i am in love with it.. Earlier i have made curries using Thai Green curry paste and red Curry paste, but this was yummmy… 

Gimme noodles.. gimme pasta .. gimme even a few rotis…. just dont give me rice.. thats my slogan!!  🙂

Anyways, all i had to do was take out the lovely flat rice noodles from the box, put them in boiling water for a couple of mins (3-5tops), drain them out and set aside.
In a wok(hang on, isnt that a chinese word? i wonder what it is for kadai in thai..anyways, cant be bothered…), add a bit of oil (me use olive oil..use any kind but gingely, that has a strong pungent smell) and put in the veggies i had chopped and kept ready..
Mushroom (yummmmmmmmilicious)
and ooodles of Spring onion – the green portion [add some towards the end, so they remain crunchy and fresh]
To this, add the sauce/paste given in the packet.. add a bit of salt, and maybe a pinch of sugar as the Thai curry paste can get HOT…. 
Toss in the noodles, mix em up and voila.. Pad thai noodles that looks and tastes just like it does in hotels.!!! 
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