Wow, today was a day when i actually dint do anything… Yep, am just chilling out today!!!
All i did was — 
– call up a friend who’s Birthday it is today… spoke to him n his wife [both are me friendssss :)]
– wrote out review for last evening’s play and sent it for the contest [you can also read about the plays here]
– Sms’d/emailed and got sms’s from loads of friends for Friendship day!! Gosh, love my friends!!! happy Friendship day to all!!
– chatted with another friend for a couple of mins about life in general… 
– made Vazhathandu [banana plant’s stem] raita for lunch – its yummy, all you need to do is cut it into long pieces,soak em in water for a bit, add wee bit of salt n curd.. delicious and healthy
–   wrote out that post on my Reeltreat blog about the plays
– had a nice long conversation with Floppy in the afternoon as he had his lunch [oh, and today morning he so totally lapped up my tea… he likes it… lol]
– now gonna take him for a walk and then ta da.. shower him down with a hose… he hates it when i spray water, but when am gently pouring it an talking to him he is quite a good boy!! 
– might just pull out one of the dvd’s i have stashed away and catch up on a movie [ bot some foreign language stuff couple of weeks back, yet to open the packet]
have a fun sunday!! 🙂
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