rang de rang de rang de basanti
mohe rang de basanti basanti rang de basanti basanti
mohe rang de basanti rang de basanti rang de basanti yaara

It’s my life
It’s now or never
I ain’t gonna live forever
I just want to live while I’m alive

I know and i like these songs.. but when am listening to them on my computer/ipod/ other music devices… Not when am watching a movie in the theater!!
What is it with our people? they are so connected to their mobiles, they cant put them on silent mode for a couple of hours? 
or dont they know what “silent” is?
or are they just worried shitless that they might miss an IMPORTANT call? actually, so what? if that was the case, they SHOULD not go anywhere where phones cant be used!!!  
I mean, this is something that has been pissing me off for some time now..
Unless you give the person a glare
or a “would you mind going out or shutting that thing” dialogue, they are happily letting it either ring or talking on it, like they are in their living room.. !@Q$@#%%
and at times they might return the glare with ” what the f@#$, its my phone, i shall talk”… ufff!!!  
Some people happily have an entire ramayan conversation while in a concert/play/performance..
Dont they realise it disturbs the others
dont they know they are being annoying twits
dont they know they need to respect others in the hall…
its basic manners…
for me, it comes naturally.. i get into a hall/office/client’s place/meeting/movie/even a restaurant, i put the phone on silent mode…. 
OR are people just LAZY and DONT care about others?
Sometimes the ladies [no offence here..] will be hunting for their phones [inside their not so small bags] which would be screaming their heads off [yes, i know the latest enrique song is nice, but thnak you very much, would you pls shut that damn thing off] and then once they find it, another couple of mins talking to their partner/friend about who is on the phone and then they MIGHT shut it off!!!
whyyyyyyyyyyyyy ??
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