Bit by the Tag bug once again… this time by my sweet Cousin/Sis L 🙂 


The Tag name is A for Apple….
Give preference for regular sites… Ignore your own blogs, sites.
Tag 3 People.
 Phew… First let me recite the entire string of alphabets to make sure i remember em…
Ok.. done… here i go~!! 🙂
A – Ask whatever you desire and you shall find it right here…
www.american – good writer, tho he hasnt blogged in ages… – oh,yes, Gotta know my daily dose of horoscopes 😉 – my phone, lifeline….. 😀 – Animal planet, here i come…

B – travel blog like no other, by me cousin Lakshmi 🙂 – Thanku thanku…. – yummy food!! — me friend vidya’s blog – love the library – new site i discovered day before.. to download and watch latest hindi moviesssss

C – satyam cinemas, the site is such a boon – fun reads – Chandni writes here… – book my travails – ta da.. one more awesome blog – Aru cooks… yummilicious goodies – Ceedy rants… 🙂 – What would i do without this.. find phone numbers, addresses and what nots!! – read up on reviews of restaurants around Chennai [mostly used for work]

D – my dictionary…. – to know more about dogs in India…breeds, care, adoption, and some more

E – another site to book the tickets – TOI on the net – books, music and more – hub for info about various cities 🙂

F – more friends here – ahem, photo site.. go here to chk out friend’s pics, it ate up all mine.. sniff snifff – ebooks galore  – cool site.. write and get paid… 🙂

G – L’s blog – Incl igoogle, gmail and gtalk.. – i bow to theee…. – cool site for themes/logos/pictures for w550i 🙂

H – Ah, this is where i had my 1st email account.. today have an alt id, which honestly i rarely use -lovely greeting cards, just gotta find the few that are free  – for all my HTML needs–fun site… – my piggy bank :p   – The Hindu- newspaper!

I – the airlines Indian’s fly on – this is where i book all my train journeys… 😀– another site for Railway info – know all about hot movies… – IT dept of India… the hazards of working…lol – INOX chennai, its  movie time…

http://jammindudleybouy. – Vik visits here… – one stop shop for all queries across the country…

K – ooh la la la la le yo…. 😀  -Kalyan’s Amazing blog… – a blog that needs no intro… Keshi’s blog…

L – Chaks blog 🙂— Find all lyrics here… – stay connected for business purposes…

M – moser Baer site, oggle, search, shop and more… – more for travel bugs –Time pass place – reviews and views, i used to write here quite often earlier…. – a site i use for work… – songs from latest Hindi movies found here.. – yet another site where i grab things for my phone- w550i – what would i do without this dictionary…..–Listen to music from across genres –more for music lovers – listen, download and shop – a site reqd for work…

N – a cool place for avid bloggers… joined here, but yet to open the account and become active

O – a site i visit every now and then… more friends here… 🙂 – sometimes enjoy reading stuff.. always use this site to check out books worth picking up or asking my uncle to get for me from USA…

P – store your photos, create links to other sites for pictures….– yet another awesome service by Google for pictures.. store em, share em…. 🙂

Q – a new site i stumbled upon for music buffs…

R – a site that opened so many doors in my life…. – music to listen to from across genres, languages and streams… – read cool reviews about movies from across the globe… – rSubras writes awesome things here… leaves me in awe

S – a site i discovered by accident where one can download movie tracks and indi pop numbers — Mmm, nandita can Cook…  –For FTP purposes… for work!!

T – a site where they promise to help all file their returns and pay taxes with no problems… seen it, yet to use it… – a place where one can work with prompts… – yet another site to challenge your creative skills

U  – Unchaahi as it is called.. wonderful blog.. so focussed and informative… – Pushpa’s blog.. love the way she plays with words

V –Vrij’s blog.. about life and trains.. fascinating… – Vishesh, the awesome word whiz’s blog.. – Veens, her blogs are fun!!

W  –Search for anything and you will find it…. — Rauf lives here… 🙂

X – to know time across the globe…

Y – For emails.. horoscopes.. news.. games… just about everything… –An amazing blog that is gonna go places… – a site thru which one can send across BIG BULKY files.. simple and easy!! – Videos, movies, TV shows, ads, and what nots… 😀

Z – cool site that tells u info about zoos across the world.. awesome fun!!

Hmmmm.. now, time to pass this on to 3 buddies…. 😀

– Vishesh 

– Chaks

– Veens 

Have a lovely week ahead  🙂

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