Looking at all the “Thank God, its Friday” messages, i am filled with wonder.. is it just me, or is it just me?

I’ve had a day like no other… been working since morning and no sign of respite.. My uncle says ” No matter how hard/late you work today, tomorrow morning the pile of work still remains”… I know, but i do have a couple of articles to send in by Tomorrow… a cash flow Budget statement i’ve been putting off for a couple of days and some other bits and pieces here and there…

My brains just completely wired… and refuses to comply…. went for a walk… hit the gym, got back home, and still feeling dazed… Which is why i said no work, and began reading my Calvin n hobbes comic…. what fun!! 🙂

Anyways, in all probability, the diligent Virgoan that i am, will resume work around 10ish and go on till wee hours of the morning….

Now, dont ask me what am doing over the weekend.. no clues… brain has officially FROZEN… no processing nothing….

Talk to u tomorrow!!!
Adios for now!!:)

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