Gosh, i dint realise how long its been since i wrote a post.. well, work has taken over life, plus people at home were travelling, so had been busy with that!!!! 

Got a bit of free time, and so decided to give you all a quick peek into what i’ve been upto, and whats new in my life… 🙂

[That’s Floppy saying hi to all!! fresh after a shower… ] 

1. New Phone!! 🙂

I finally said bye bye to my Sony Ericsson w550i [all of 3yrs old and already started giving too much trouble..]- wouldnt swivel, one day a tiny screw fell out of nowhere..lolz.. and there were times when i would receive a call, but be unable to answer… and there was just NO signal at home, i had to run out to our garden or backyard ot be able to have a decent conversation.. else it would be —  u, uh,ah, a…beep beep..dead!! 

What did i buy you ask… Had my eyes set on the iPhone, but soon realized its not really worth the zillion bucks – 31k [ you can relax and breath now..] and so i finally settled for the yummilicious awesome, sexy 5MP camera fitted Nokia N95- 8GB model on Oct 1st… 

  • The phone has just about everything… i dint want a blackberry, but wanted a phone that would do all the functions… and this is just perfect!! slides both ways… up and down… 🙂
  • Has an amazing Camera
  • Lovely music Player
  • And well, everything about it is divine !!!   

That very day, i went to friend– Rauf‘s house for Ramzan dinner… was fun!!! we got intro’d thru a common friend, he blogs too and is a fun person to be with!! an Amazing photographer, time flies when you are talking to him.. also got to meet couple of his friends.. was a warm evening!!

2. Chef is here 

After a long time, did some cooking.. nothing major, just my classic Mushroom dish.. dont ask me for the name , dont got one.. but it did taste yummmy!!!

3.Interesting Guests

Oooh, ooh, we’ve got 4 cute tiny interesting guests at home.. and know where they live, in a bowl in the loo.. he he… yep.. its a bowl of 4 fish, given by my sis’s friend, for us to baby sit while she goes to UK… they are so adorable.. 3 grey, and 1 golden fish…

 4. Golu

Since its navaratri, its golu season… get invites from various aunts and friends, most of which i escape from going..  get so bored, no company, its so drab!!! but anyways, did go to an aunt’s house, simply bcos i’ve never been to their house and then ofcourse went to a dear dear friend, V’s house for Golu…. 

And when i left , as tradition, they gave me vethalai pakku [ betel nut, betel leaf with whole haldi] with a gift.. got home, opened it and since then havent stoppped smiling…. 

He sits proudly near the phone book… and quite an eye catcher!! [ for those who dont know, am crazy about dogs… :)] 
Tomorrow mom and sis are off to Sringeri, granparents already gone.. Mom and i are a bit unwell, just hope she gets alright and is ready for the journey!! Me cant go cos of work.. so me and dad home alone.. Just now got a call from a dear friend, J, who i’ve known since 3rd std that he is coming to town tomorrow, yipeee.. he is getting married… 🙂 
 [All pics taken with my new phone…. isnt it awesome??? ]
Shall see you all tomorrow!
Hope your weekend was Fun!! 🙂
Before i sign off… would love to get some suggestions for a birthday gift for a colleague – she is about 22, fun and likes just about everything!!! 🙂

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