Gosh, its been so long since i was here… Just caught up wit work and life… NO time to breath or indulge in writing of any sort but work related!!! sad state!! i know, which is why these days if i get a bit of spare time, i get out of the house, grab hold of a friend or two and do somethin fun!!

Oh, i havent told y’all about my cousin’s wedding right.. it was aweesome fun!!! got away for a good 5days and enjoyed every minute of it.. After ages, i had this much fun at a wedding… the last was probably way back in 2002 at another dear friend’s wedding in Pune!!!
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At this wedding, one idiot relative actually came and asked me “dont you feel jealous seeing your younger cousin getting married, and you are still single?” i wanted to just throw a few darts delicately spread with a bit of poison on it towards that person…. and th answer is “Nope, no jealousy ever.. never felt it, and dont think i ever will.. cos am not the “oh, shoot, i aint married yet, will i ever..where is my man… bla bla..” kinda person.. i am loving life, and have chosen to live it the way i want to … No Regrets!!!

Ok, let me not get into that whole ‘families are idiots at times’ phase….
From the minute i landed in Blore, my aunt had enuf work for me to attack.. apart from this, i also made sure that i spent time with L, my cousin, the one who are tying the knot.. she got married to P, a damn sweet guy [ i made it a point to get to know him better, since their engagement, since this gives me the comfort level of being able to talk to him and maintain the relationshiop with L and P later on as well].. the only funny thing abt P;s family is they are telugu, his family, apart from himself, sis and bro in law speak only telugu…so our conversations are all like telegrams…  his aunt came upto me and said “aunty?”.. and i was  like “which aunty”.. she replied ‘P ammagaru”.. my reply “not come”…  😀

The place where the wedding happened was beatutiful… in JP Nagar, abt an hour from Ulsoor, but it was ok, cos we all stayed at the rooms provided there itself.. it was within the Brigade Millenia, called MLR convention center… palatial.. swanky setting and lovely rooms… yummmmy…. wished i could move in there and live!! 😀 lol….

Sat was mehndi at aunt’s home…
Sunday morning all of us woke up at 5, got ready and left for the hall.. had a Veradam [dont ask me what it was, but it was for the guy n girl family, doing it seperately on the stage,] followed by another miniature engagement and then rested for a bit before heading off to the parlor to pamper ourselves… was fun!!
Me, my sis, L , L’s mom, another 2 aunts headed towards the parlor and once there we lost it.. each one wanted something done…and it was probably the 1st time we kids were hanging out with aunts and making fun of each other…. L got her hair straightened, she looked so hot… and couldn get enuf of herself!!!

Got back in time to get ready for the reception… me all decked up in the new saree [ red n gold btw…] thot i shall mingle with all , but got Gift duty!! Yep, had to stand beyind the couple and collect their gifts…hehehe.. Such a tough task i tell u – wanna know why? cos i dint want to come in all the gazillion pictures…. hehehehe… “who’s that girl standing there? why is she in all pics? 3rd wheel??”lolz!!!!
The next morning was the main wedding… As per telugu custom, the girl has to be brought to the mandap in a basket…. her uncles [my dad, chachu and many others] held her in the basket, and brought her all the way across to the other side of the make shift screen[P standing on one side] and dropped her off… was quite a sight…. 🙂 uncle’s were all like- if you had told me earlier, i would have gone to gym and all….

In a few minutes, L was married.. sigh, me and her dear friend R were so emotional..couldnt believe it.. L is like a baby, yes, am quite close to her… we just sorta connected… infact same with R, damn sweet thing!!! 😀

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After the wedding, gen all hanging around, lunch and time passing… in afternoon, L was in P’s room [in mandap] and i hopped across to see if she needed help [ taking off jewellery , changing etc…].. spent a bit of time there, chit chatting with P, his sis, bro in law and others…was nice!!! his sis is also very sweet, and caring… so am sure L will be taken care of !! They are in Tirupati now, will be back today i guess.. and then L is off to P’s house..sigh!!! God Bless them both!!!! 🙂 that day L was to go to P’s house with her mom, basically someone along with her… P’s sis asked me and aunt[L’s mom] who;s coming with L today?” and L looked at me saying “U come no, ma, let Aarti come…plss..”… felt so touched and overwhelmed…. but then since my grandparents [maternal side] were in town, i was to take them out, plus aunt also thot it would be appropriate if she went along… so that was decided!!!

That evening, took granparents out to Forum mall, they had been wanting to go.. dint like it much, only place we went was “Sweet World”-bot quite a bit of goodiess… Next day, when all had gone to P’s house for Satyanarayana Puja; me,sis and granparents went exploring Blore.. and got back to Chennai!!! sigh! dint want to come back at all.. was physically here, but mentally there only….
And now the week has flown by.. work has taken over my life and i jus hope i dont lose it before Dec… 🙂

Managed to watch Golmaal Returns [el crappooo], Dostana [fun movie, had a good laugh] and went bowling, not once, but twice with diff sets of friends…awesome fun!!! 😀

Woww, now that is a long post!!! 🙂 Shows how much i enjoyed myself :)) 

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