2009 sure has begun with a bang i must say!!! And its been only what 20days so far! phew.. if these past few days is any indication, then am sure looking fwd to the rest of the year…
Here is a sneak into some interesting incidents/revelations about Friends and those who i thought were friends, but who turned out otherwise[ not in the good sense….] 
The past couple of days has been relaxed… Ever since i completed the previous project, i’m kinda taking it easy… Therefore, got more time on my hands.. which in turn means more time to ponder, introspect and think about people in my life!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ 
The amount of time I’ve been spending at Dee’s place is just wacko.. more hours there than i have in my own home.. no jokes!! Either we are there watching a movie, yakking away to glory, cooking, cleaning, playing, having fun or am staying over and generally having a good time… And to think,i’ve known her little over 7months now… Wow…
Her family, friends and many others who see us ask – So, did you girls go to school/college together? 
My reply- Nope
They- “So, you worked together i guess”
My reply- Yep
They -[gape] “wow, really.. that is nice.. and the way you are close is just amazing!!!Bless you!! 
[actual conversation and not cooked up!!! i swear!!!] ๐Ÿ™‚
In all the 8 years i’ve been working, i dont think i have any other friend who is this close and with whom i have worked on a crazy project with!!! Dee is much younger than me, she must be atleast 5yrs my junior, infact she and her sis started college [ same one i went to] after i passed out!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
Her family just welcomed us with open arms on the day of her mehndi[engagement] and since then have enveloped us in their warmth and love…There is another friend,N, who i’ve made through Dee.. She is a sweet thing.. lost most of the time [lost in thoughts, and lost generally…]She is off home for a month or so, gonna miss her!!! Sigh!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
We danced like crazy
Played cards with her sis and cousins till wee hours of the morning
Went clubbing  and pub hopping
Had not one but 2 tequila shots in one night… [ just us gals did, the guys were all being a wuss and stuck to beer and Jack daniels…lol]
Went up to the DJ asking him to change the music [ esp since there was not a single soul apart from us at the club and the DJ went on to not listen to us and continued to play rottten music…yeck!!! but what the heck, we had a blast!!]
Made Maggi in the middle of the night and enjoyed it more like devoured it!!
Here’s to more such Good times!!

Now, moving on to this other friend, D, [nope, this is a diff friend person…]Makes me sad to not call him a friend, but hey, things are the way they are cos of what he did/said!! Not known him long, met him here on blogsville and we kinda hit it off …. and now he is not a friend, but just a person…  This has never happened to me.. a person coming into my life, becoming a friend and then leaving [atleast not the way this one did.. pooof, gone….and its a choice i’ve made!!! ].. Lets just say he crossed the limit [ knowingly or unknowingly.. no no he dint make a pass at me… just crossed the line and went across to the wierd person place…].. anyways… bygones!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ but yes, there are days when i wonder why he did/said/acted what he did….
Last evening when i was at my dear friend, A’s place, we were talking about all the friends we’ve got/made and how different each of them are….
Some are happy and spread cheer
Some going through a rough phase but hanging in there 
Some having been through a lot, still dont seem to have learnt …. 
and some, who are just absolutely awesome !!![like me..hehehe]

And everyday i meet new people… with some its good fun, and others its just awkward!!!

Strange is life
and Stranger are the people in the world!!!
C’est la vie!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
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