While watching Abhiyum Nanum, a thought struck me… we all learn at every stage in our lives..We go to school, college, learn from our parents , family etc etc….
The Character of the begger who is brought home by the girl surprises them by speaking English and Hindi across the movie.. When asked, he says 
  • I sat outside Churchpark, therein i picked up English…  
  • I begged for awhile in Sowcarpet[ a locality in chennai], which is where i learnt a bit of Hindi!!! 
What i observed in this movie, and what i think holds true in our life is that –
 [Pic courtesy: www.allposters.com]
We learn more from our surroundings and people around  us than we do from books and academics…
– Culture
– languages
– Different forms of art
– Food
– Music, books
Ever since i moved to Chennai, or rather my parents decided to move, i have managed to learn about various parts of the city simply because the schools/ colleges/ offices i was in were in different parts of the city/..
When in Chinmaya – i learnt my way around Harrington road and then Taylors road… got comfy enough to walk to my grandparents home.
When in Anna Adarsh- Anna Nagar became a whole new world.. Today i can say i know the area quite well [ yes, i do get lost occasionally, what with all the by lanes, the A block and Z blocks…but can manage]
With College – it was Nungambakkam and around…  also managed to discover some areas which i dint know existed.. all thanks to friends who dwelled in those localities… 🙂
Then started work…. Phew!! Going around for interviews, and also since i dint have my own vehicle, the public transport was a Godsend in me finding my way around our city…. Making sure i dint get lost was my keen observation skills…[Thanks to which i still manage to find my way home… :)]
High school brought along friends who were into French, and just to satiate my curiousity i joined Alliance and did Certificate level French. Alas, school wouldnt let me take French, so i stuck to Tamil….
While in college, i got the chance to make friends with a whole bunch of wacko North Indians.. they let me make an arse of myself, but thanks to them i mastered the Hindi language [ one that i love so much]
These past few years, i’ve been making some friends through blogs and online networking sites… From each of them, i learn about various places to explore in our country, recipes, hobbies, various opportunities and some more!!! 🙂
Be it developing my language skills or gaining insight into a new subject, it always fascinates me…
The human mind has no boundaries….. We can go on learning… all our life!!! What a wonderful feeling!!

Why did i write this post? Its just that everyday i come across something new that appeals to me, and i end up tryin to learn/research on it before zzz…. 🙂

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