Most girls i know have a spl connection with their fathers, i do too, though i cant point out one reason why, but its just something that is there…. 🙂
This movie, Abhiyum Nanum, made by Radhamohan of Mozhi fame is also about the same..A movie that was sweet, cute, mushy mushy and at the same time had a bit of “oh,God, no not again…” 😀
[But anyday i choose this movie over Vaaranam Aayiram.. that movie drove me up the wall and over infact!!]
Raghuraman (Prakashraj) comes across another father of a girl child (Prithviraj) at a park in Ooty and they get to talking, which is when he narrates his journey with his dear darling daughter Abhi [Trisha]…. He talks about how girls keep giving their dads shocks every now and then , and how fathers grow with their children… 

With boundless love and affection, his life is filled with fresh joy; his day starts and ends with his Abhi. He takes care of everything and ensures Abhi leads a happy life devoid of any worries. As days go by, the girl grows up. The way he comes to terms with her heading off to school on her own, making decisions regarding college with confidence is beautifully depicted… Esp when Abhi (Trisha) decides to pursue higher studies in Delhi, how he tries to convince her otherwise….  Eventually, she persuades him to accept her plans. 
With time, Abhi returns from New Delhi only to give her father a great shock. She informs him of her love for Joginder Singh alias Jogi (debut Ganesh Venkataram), an independent journalist and an economist. The scenes that follow makes us realise Prakashraj is the best choice for this role.. His childish behaviour in refusing to come to the airport, looking at all the guys walking out of departure lounge, and finally his reaction when a Sardarji comes over to say hello is awesome to watch…..
 The dad starts finding ways to distance himself from the girl, alas failing.. all because he loves her too much… The first half of the movie is absolutely wonderful, brilliantly made…. but the 2nd half is where it falters.. yes, the story line is good, and all that, but the songs, scenes towards latter half seem so unnecessary… We almost lose the momentum..

I wonder when Tamil movies will break away from this song and dance mould and start focussing on the story alone!!!

but, a damn sweet movie…. can watch once!!! 🙂
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