One more movie i had picked up a Pondy was Changeling, infact the only reason i bought the movie was cos the cover looked interesting… But last night, managed to watch the movie and wow, it was amazing… Moved me, disturbed and affected me…. Here is a peak into this fascinating story, which reallly happened way back in LA… A movie that is a must watch, has been directed by Clint Eastwood

Set in 1928, “Changeling” is a about Christine Colins (Angelina Jolie) who loses her son, who was home alone while she went to work and her battle with the Los Angeles Police Dept. Christine gets upset to discover that Walter was nowhere to be found and no sight of him across the neighborhood. From there on, she works tirelessly looking for him, and trying to get the Cops to help find him. When all hope seems to be lost, she gets a visit from the LAPD and she comes face to face with a nine-year-old boy claiming to be her son. Inspite of her refusal, the kid states all details related to her son and the cops convince her he is her son!!!
Overcome with emotions and uncertain how to face the authorities or the press, Christine invites the child to stay in her home despite knowing without a doubt that he is not her son. When Christine points out that he is not her son, she is treated first as a hysterical, traumatized woman and then as a lunatic and a threat to public order. She is ignored, smeared in the papers and then locked away in a mental hospital….  Christine then, with the help of the Reverend Briegleb (John Malkovich), ploughs through the red tapes, corrupted Cops and emerges in bringing out the truth….
What was most disturbing about this movie is that the stark reality of what actually happened to about 20 kids who went missing, the teenager who reveals scary truths along with the Cop-Lester Ybarra [Michael Kelly] who is responsible in working on this case,but who is shunned by the Inspector.

Its been a while since a movie touched me so much… Had me thinking of the Nithari killings that happened in India, which was in the news awhile ago!!! Why do people  act the way they do??? What happens to the mother???? does the search ever end???????????? ………………………..
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