13th the Friday – be wary all say!!! Dint care much for it… but that morning dint really start off well…saw granpa on the bed sleeping [ it was around 9am], and he’s usually busy doing puja around then.. Went upto him to find out if he was ok, when i saw him Shivering… woke up, mumbled something, voice shaking and saw he was running temperature… gave him a crocin and went out on some work…

Thru the day, he kept complaining that he had to pee, and that he was uncomfy… towards end of the day, when i had just left for dinner @ A’s house, uncle had taken him to doc, where he was asked to get admitted….Got back home, went to the hospital and from then on till last evening[16th Feb] was busy with cooking, going to Hospital and trying to manage work within all this chaos!!

Granpa is back home now, but has to be restive till Sat, and then we’ll know if Surgery is reqd for not…Praying Doc says no need for surgery… Sigh!!!

14th Feb – to me, normally its just another day.. But this time thanks to all this confusion, completely forgot it was Valentines Day till a Dee sent a text wishing me Happy V Day !! Sent out wishes to couple of my friends and well, the day was as usual… same routine- cooking, home, work, hospital et al…. The bright spot of the day was when i got an interesting call… 😉
[pic courtesy:www.timthetap.co.uk]
Me: Hello, A [ she was the friend who had hosted Dinner the prev nite..]
A: Hi Aaarti, how are you? hows thatha…etc etc….
    Oh, someone here wants to talk to you…. he has been asking for it all day..
    Its Aa
Me:[Curious and wondering what it was… lolz] 
     Hi Aa, how are you?
Aa: Aaarti, i put a plant outside my house.. You come home and see okay??!!
Me: Sure thing, i will… 
      Did you water it?
Aa: no , i dint…[ turns back and talks to A asking if he should….]
     Aaarti, you come home okay?!!
Me: yes, i shall come tomorrow ok…
Aa ; no, come today …
A: Now you mentioned water, he wants to water it right away..
He has planted a dried leaf, made a path around it, put pebbles and all…
Well, that was how the conversation went…. 🙂 and now you all know who Aa is… if you dont, Duh!!!:D

[he is Aa, friend A’s son, all of 4yrs of age !!! 🙂

The other day, a friend, Praddy had put up a Valentines’ day post where i left a comment saying someone sweet called to speak to me and me only…. He got crazy curious and bugged me on sms asking who it was till i finally told him… we all had a good laugh!!! 😀
Told him that i shall put up a post on my page just to bug others in our gang, who i heard were getting curious!!! 😛

moving on….
Feb 15th -busy sunday… woke up bright and early, hospital duty and rest of the day went by in a blur….. Did enjoy reading the book A had lent, Lee Child’s Bad Luck and Trouble.. [alomst finished it..]

Feb 16th — finally, it was monday… I had a meeting in the morning and so mom did hospital duty.. i helped out gramma make lunch, scooted off to the meeting and went to hospital post lunch… and was there till grampa was discharged and came home!! 😀

Quite an eventful couple of days!!
Wonder whats in store this week!! 😀
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