Its been a while… but i sure seem to not have lost my LUCK factor!!! 😀
Last week sometime,when i was going out somewhere, i heard a contest on Radio Mirchi.. something to do with The Week and the question was related to Indian Army or Military.. dont really remember!!! i thot i knew the answer and on a whim sent an sms to the narrated number….
few days later, got a call from The Week’s office asking for my name….
Days passed, i forgot about it till last evening when Granpa’s friend came home and gave a bunch of The Week Magazine [ he makes those wallets given out with subscriptions….],..
and Lo Behold, today morning got a call from Malayalam Manorama [ The week office] saying i’ve won the prize for the sms contest and to come collectthe same at their office in Mount Road…..
Was elated
and so kicked…..:D
Here is the beauty that is all Mine now… its a watch..and i love watchess!!!! 🙂
[new brand, but hey, its a watch!!! ]  
When i was showing it to gramma, aunt was there and she was like ” wow, not bad, you still seem to be on that winning streak.. you were always lucky in such things, werent you?”
Yes, i’ve won quite a few stuff on tv, radio and magazine based contests… just my LUCK!! 😀
Oh, and a special dear darling friend of mine [ non blogger] sent a msg[upon reading my post ]with this in it…
 Thanks a ton N… love you sweets!!! 
Today has been A good day i tell you!!! 🙂
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