Couple of days back, when i was at the bank, got a call…
Me: Hello
She: hello ma’am, Am calling from Mr.AA’s office, can i get your email id pls?
Me: Sure, @#$)@#%( …
       May i ask for what reason?
She: Dont know ma’am, Mr AA wanted it, guess he wants to send you a mail
Me: Ok. bye!
The conversation was forgotten, until one evening, about 2days later, around 6pm my phone rang [ displaying a Delhi based mobile number]
Me: hello.
He: Am i speaking to Aaarti from ABC? I am AA, from XYZ company, and we met during the ABC event in Dec, remember?
Me: Yes, Sir.. How are you doing? how can i help you?
MrAA: I saw your results in the paper today and wanted to discuss something about that!!
[Completely lost and confused]
Me:Errr, sir, what is this you are talking about? 
MrAA[getting a little annoyed]: Am AA from XYZ Co, and want to talk about the results you have projected for your company.  
Me: Sir, am afraid there is some confusion here. i am not with any company.
MrAA: Arent you Aarthi K….?  of ABC?
[Ding ding ding, bells went off in my head… i knew who he wanted to speak to now…:) Phew!!] 
Me: Sir, i am Aaarti Krishankumar and not Aarthi K…….
MrAA: Ohhh, am so sorrry then.. you must be the one who was coordinating the event.. Sorry,dear!!
            Would you happen to have Aarthi K…’s number?
Me: Thats ok Sir.. Would you like me to send the number to you?
MrAA: could you text that and her email id, please. Thank you!!
Me: Sure thing Sir.. bye!
MrAA: Bye, and am so sorry about this !!
Hmmmm.. talk about mistaken identity… Not only did this other person have the same 1st name as me, but half of her second name was same as mine too…. !!!! 
Anything of this sort happened to you? Do share!!! 🙂
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