The weekend [actually it was Friday and Saturday], was quite a musical one…. Filled with Jazz and Latino moves!!!
Saturday was Karadayan Nonbu for us… Ladies tie a yellow thread and pray for the well being of the men in their lives [ ya right, do i see any men doing something like this for their girl?? hmfph!!! talk about one sided…;)]

Karadayan Nonbu is observed on th day of the conjunction of the Tamil months Masi and Panguni. It is to remember the great battle won by Savithri – a mythological character – over the God of Death – Yama, not by arms or ammunitions but by her clever arguments to regain her husband’s life. Married women observe fast till the auspicious time arrives, whether it is late evening or mid afternoon.

We had to finish making lunch, and the nombu adai [ a steam cooked sweet made using rice flour,jaggery, black eyed beans/Karamani and a bit of coconut… absolutely yummilicioussssssssssssss]
Still remember how when we were in Tirunelveli, mom would get one of our neighbors[my school mate] to come sit with me for the function… 🙂
Sunday was a lazy day.. But yes, did go on a movie marathon of sorts with my uncle [aunt goes out of town,uncle come to stay over here and its fun fun fun all the way thru…lolz] , right here at home!!! We started with Valkyrie, moving on to Defiance and then finally Silambattam[ this dvd refused to play on the DVD player, but played so smooth on my Lappy]
A friend was to come from Bombay, and i was to go to the airport, but no news … did try reaching him on phone, but no luck.. wonder why… 🙁  [ Thinking maybe his trip got cancelled, why else would he have not called ]
Another art related event that has hit chennai is the Israeli Film Festival… Starting today, 16th March, there will be Israeli movies screened every evening [ sometimes 2 in a day] at the South india Film Chamber, near Rani Seetha Hall!!! 🙂
I am loving Chennai more and more with every passing day…
Concerts.. Plays… performances… art exhibitions and more are happening through the year ! Yipeeee!!!!!! 🙂 

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