Last week was hectic…. or was it the week before? Nah, i think every week is almost the same story…
Work…Home.. chores… cooking,etc… and well, tonnes of fun weaved between all this!!
Saw 2 beautiful interesting movies… actually saw 3, but this post is about 2.. both related to WOMEN…!! 🙂

1st one was an Israeli movie called Aviva, My love!  [me and a friend of mine caught this at the South India Film chamber]

Aviva —
Works in a hotel, yearns to write, jots down ideas on a small writing pad
Takes care of her family
Puts up with her jobless husband,
who, she loves, but has been cheating on her [with her own sister]
Cares about her sister and 
wants her away from her abusive husband
[knows she still is secretly in love with her ex boyfriend]

Takes her writing to a famous writer [or rather once upon a time famous, Oded]
Tells her, – he will sell her stories as his
in exchange for a decent sum of money….!!! [ the f@$%  B!@%#] 
A son, confused and lost
A daughter, stubborn but sweet
Another son, glued to the TV….

Aviva —
Dealing with a psychotic mom
a dad who loves her, but is not respected 
[cos he once cheated on her mom]
A doctor who says -” let me look at you”
in exchange for not being able to pay for her son’s treatment…

Finally… Aviva –
The woman, who takes charge of her life
The woman, who finds joy in writing
The woman, who is loved and respected by her family……!!!


2nd Movie – The Guitar

The movie by Amy Redford [Robert Redford’s daughter] slides through the journey of this one woman – Melody “Mel” Wilder!!! She is diagnosed with a terminal illness, given 2months to live, fired from the job, dumped by the boyfriend. … 

What does she do ?
Leaves her home… Moves into an expensive Loft apartment for 2mths [on rent], shops like crazy[ all from the comfort of her new home], buys the most expensive materials, fabric, clothes,and everything else you can dream off!!!
Makes friends with Rosco, the delivery man and Cookie, Pizza girl… What follows are the scenes filled with plenty of lovemaking..[all candlelight and exotic linens galore] ……. Melody doesn’t connect to people as much as she does to her most extreme purchase — a red electric guitar she’s longed for since her unhappy childhood (shown thru streaks of  flashbacks) …. With sudden realization of how much time has gone by, Melody visits the doc where she discovers– Thanks to her complete transformation[of life], the tumor knows not where it lives and has gone away…………..!! Oh shit, What happens to melody? What does she do with all the stuff? the payments??? watch the movie to know!!! 😀
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