March comes and we get all excited and chirpy chirp….. 
1st was Gramma’s Bday, on March 5th…. Normally for her bday she will be in Sringeri, but since granpa was unwell, they dint go… so,we got a chance to get her a cake and celebrate here!! 🙂

[Aarthimma is how i call her…:)] 

and Today[March 12th] is my Sis-P’s bday… she turns 19… this little baby who came into the world in 1990 has today grown up [wee bit] and is so super cool and chic[not like the la di da kind…]!!! 🙂
Went out partying with friends last nite and is off somewhere today as well… was talking to my friend and we were reminiscing the days when P was a baby and the drama that would unfold at home .. and how she is now in college, about to graduate and start her life!!!! 

Dint get her a cake or anything specific… just letting her indulge in her own way….
[Pic Courtesy:photobucket ]
 Next up is Dad’s bday on 15th March!!! 🙂

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