Its been a while since i came by here… What have you all been upto???

                                             Tried clicking the night sky in a diff mode.

Oh, me? well, its been a BUSY month, i can say!!!
There were family outings – a fun wonderful Mother’s day lunch at The Crown at Residency Towers… ==
What a view from the open air seating area… One must go there at night, the city looks like New york or even better!! Its good fun to look around and try identifying the various sky scrapers and other buildings…:)

                                                   The moon atop my parents’ apt complex

My Cousin V is here for the holidays.. he is doing his Undergrad in the USA- Purdue univ… Good fun having him around… Went to the airport to pick him up … You wanna know what time his flight landed???- 4.30am.. yepp… me and my sis were at uncle’s house, barely caught a few winks cos we knew we’ll have to go to the airport with uncle… and thus time went by… tick tock tick tock… a call to BA and we realised the flight is an hour late… Alas, cant sleep now!! Walking up and down the airport… making fun of people with zillion bags… hehehe… !!! we were on a high high…!!!

                                     Bettle nut creeper climbing up the wall at grandparents home 🙂

Saw Milk and Sarvam with S… Milk, a movie i’ve seen before, and enjoyed all over.. Sarvam, well, lesser said the better… its one confusing movie… cant fit into any genre – starts off mushy mushy romantic, then slips into a thriller zone, and then a murder mystery and finally the End!!! 😀

 The butterfly pencil from Ani 🙂

Oh, almost forgot.. My dear darling from N and family came home for lunch last sunday!!! the earlier weekend we all went out to dinner at Casa picola, Khader nawaz khan road..Good food, they all totally freaked out on the pasta!! 😀

Anyways, on sunday, i made lunch – Veg Pulao , Mix veg in pumpkin sauce, Tomato-capsicum raita, Appalam [ aka pappad] and a yummmilicous cake [Kinda like this, with a wee bit of twist… added loads of walnuts and a bit of honey, and no milk…shall post the recipe soon…:)]

                                                        Floppy playing inside the house…

Now, its almost time for the weekend… Grandparents are travelling tomorrow morning[ going to Sringeri]…Wishing them a safe journey!!! Am off on a mini trip this weekend – thanks to my cousin L, who’s chalked out a tour for a few of us.. 🙂 And when am back, yet another trip awaits us all.. me, mom and dad off for a cousin’s poonal [holy thread ceremony] at Sringeri … Been a while since i was there, looking fwd to it… The best part is  – ladies[ incl girls from when they become ladies..:)] wear only Sarees… its an opportunity to bring out all my sarees and enjoy wearing them!!! 😀

There are so many other posts that are pending… waiting to be unleased, wonder when that will happen.. For now, wanted to break the block and put up a post!!! 😀

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