Its Friday and i dont know where the week went by. Seems like the days are floating by way too fast for me to savour them. I work, i play, have some fun and voila, the week ends!! 🙂
This week was awesome fun cos uncle, aunt and cousin had come down from Delhi and i had a ball with them!!! Cousin is all of 4yrs old and she talks, talks and talks some more.. Oh, not to forget her endless energy and thirst to know more.. Questions just keep coming one after the other, testing your patience and knowledge!!  Miss u L!! 😀 Hugsssss 
Work – Its been good.. cant complain!! AM not crazy busy, but liking this work schedule.. Working on 2 projects now – 1 related to events, and other to do with Case studies [ my 1st attempt, taking baby steps and learning the ropes as i go along..quite interesting i must say!! ]
Love travelling– though its been 2 weeks since i explored some new terrain..hopefully come July, i should be set to pack my bags once again and explore new terrain, catch up with friends and unwind!!! 

Feasting on movies– Ah, i managed a few this month – 
  • Angels And Demons, quite good i must say!!
  • Nights at Rodanthe– Richard Gere once again sizzles the screen… good one for those who love Gere and romantic mushy mushy movies… Based on a book by Nicholas Sparks[ review shall happen in a few days on my other blog:)]
  • Masilamani – For some reason, i was drawn to this movie.. and when S suggested another english movie, i said -why not go for this one instead…. !! and we did… its one of those brainless comedy/masala.. good time pass!!! 🙂
  • All good ones are taken – yes, that is a movie title.. a dvd i picked up couple of mths back… Managed to watch it tonite!! Interesting, but i wouldnt really reccomend it to anyone!! 😀
Relishing words across pages– Yep, been doing that too every day..religiously… 🙂 Yayyy!! just wish i had more space to store the books am tempted to buy … 
  • Just finished reading Jeffrey Archer’s Path of Glory – well written!! 
  • A grasshopper’s pilgrimage [by  Manjushree Abhinav ] – ahem,. quirky novel…
  • Reading Paulo Coelho’s The Winner Stands Alone – Shall complete  the book and then tell you about it!!
Fun – oh, i get a good dose of this every single moment… be it with myself or in the company or family/friends!!!

  • Mother’s day lunch and Father’s day dinner was at The Crown, Residency Towers… Good fun, spending time pulling pranks, making fun and savouring yummy treats!!! Not to forget bumping into more family right there… 🙂

  • Went to the beach not once, but twice in 2days… Whatte fun!!! Once to Marina beach and 2nd time was Elliots, which ended over dinner at Murugan Idli shop
  • Took up aunt on her invite to join in on the Peacock trails – 21st June – The tour wasnt great, but we had fun… Woke up bright and early on sunday only to be shown around Kapaleeshwar temple, mini walk down the road adjoining the temple, and a ride to the Santhome Church… the finale was the fun part… we were tired and semi pissed off [ cos we thot there would be atleast 20odd ppl, but alas it was just the 4 of us plus the lady and her daughter who were from Story trails… Breakfast at Saravan Bhavan was delicious and just the thing to boost our moods…. lolz!!!
  • Going to a friend’s house today… Lunch/Brunch/Coffee.something!!! 🙂 Made her something i know she and that mad hubby of hers will love!! they had better!! 😀

Today morning started off not so great.. Woke up to the news of Michael Jackson passing away.. Sigh… dont know why, but i feel this unexplainable sadness within me… dont think i’ve felt this way for any other celebs passing away…. He seems to have that kinda impact on me.. and am sure many others as well!!! 
 Michael – You shall live on in our hearts.. forever!!!!
{Tuned into Chennai live- listening to each and every word uttered about MJ and listening to his songs back to back!!! }

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