I buy dvd’s, and yes, some are good, whilst others are bad!! I dont read ahead of the shopping expedition… Infact,very rarely do i know what i am going to Buy..
If the name looks interesting
If the cover is appealing
If i like one of the actors
If i get a gut feel about the movie
If  its a movie someone has reccomended [ these are few and far between] 🙂
In the latest batch, i had bought this movie called Funny Games... and went on to watch the movie,..
 Director: Michael Haneke

Writer: Michael Haneke (written by)

    * Naomi Watts as Ann
    * Tim Roth as George
    * Michael Pitt as Paul
    * Brady Corbet as Peter
    * Devon Gearhart as Georgie
    * Boyd Gaines as Fred

 The movie opens with George, his wife Anna, their son Georgie and  dog Lucky arriving at their lake house. Their next-door neighbor pays a visit, accompanied by two young men, Peter and Paul, whom he introduces as friends. The two men begin imposing themselves by coming over asking for eggs, breaking batch after batch, eventually a frustrated Anna demands that the men leave, asking George to get them out. What happens next is what baffled me… Peter breaks George’s leg with George’s golf club and the two men take the family hostage. 
They force the family to participate in a number of ugly sadistic games in order to stay alive. When some of the other neighbors arrive for a visit, Anna passes the men off as friends until the visitors leave. How they torture the couple, playing mind games with them has us cringing, wondering what is going to happen next!!! One by one, they kill the members of the family, starting with the dog, the last victim being Anna!!! 
It’s a thriller movie but very different from the run of the mill ones. Sort of satire, I think. If you’re sick and tired of de’ja`vu film-making this one is just for you. 
 =================************* =================
The 2nd movie- Ghosts of Girlfriends Past we saw at my friend Anita’s place post the yummy Potluck lunch…. 
Director: Mark Waters

    * Matthew McConaughey as Connor Mead

    * Jennifer Garner as Jenny Perotti
    * Michael Douglas as Wayne Mead aka Uncle Wayne
    * Emma Stone as Allison Vandermeersh, the Ghost of Girlfriends Past
    * Daniel Sunjata as Brad
    * Noureen DeWulf as Melanie, the Ghost of Girlfriends Present and Connor’s assistant
    * Breckin Meyer as Paul Mead
    * Lacey Chabert as Sandra Volkom
    * Anne Archer as Vonda Volkom
    * Amanda Walsh as Denice
    * Camille Guaty as Donna
I wouldnt call it a Chick flick.
Nor a romcom.. romantic comedy flick
hmmm.. what can we call it??? i dunno!!! 
Connor Mead, the playboy hops from one woman to the other, leaving behind quite a trail of unhappy women… The day he goes to attend his brother Paul’s wedding rehearsal dinner , the complete world comes toppling down… Meeting Jenny [the one woman in his life who has always seemed immune to his considerable charm.] after all this time, trying to keep his lusting thots to himself, he finds he is given one last chance by his late Uncle Wayne [who tells him its not too late to change]… He meets one Ghost after another, who take him thru his life, starting with childhood to the future…. 
Through the journey, Connor realises this is the only chance he is going to get, and finally decides to confess his love to Jenny … The world is then set right and all are happy!!! 
A movie that would have been fun had it not been stretched so much.. it just goes on and on and on and on………………………. watch it if you have NOTHING else to do!!!  🙂
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