a time when i was longing for friends and couldnt get enuf of them..”More the Merrier” was my motto!! But now, i’ve realised am happy with the ones i’ve got…

After the awesome working holiday in Blore, i realised a lot of things about myself.. and am so glad i did that trip!!! It was a sort of a reality check!!

Do People change? – Oh yes, they do!! I knew it all along, but now i have seen it happen and well, it doesnt upset me at all.. I guess in some ways am glad i saw it happen, right in front of my eyes, else i might not believe it..
-People/Friends who’ve been around long suddenly go cold and distant…
-Friends you dint know existed come into your life and you connect with them surprisingly well.
-When you sit next to someone for nearly an hour, with no words exchanged and yet feel a bond- that is friendship… I felt it.. and am sure glad i did!!!
-Something as simple as taking a walk… spending time brainstorming on work.. cooking helps bring people closer!!!

Amazing, right? Yep!!!

This is where the next question popped in my head… — Why do people change?

Here is my theory on this.. 
– When you have something they dont… aka when they are jealous of YOU… -strange that friends get Jealous of other friends.. i know for a fact i JUST wouldnt ever go down that road!!! 
– Some sort of insecurity – wonder why!! wonder where it stems from!! but i do know it exists.. seen it, felt it… bore the brunt of it.. and lost for answers!! 
– Something trivial gets blown out of proportion- Making a mountain of a molehill so to say!! Again, why? between friends? really? i just cant beleive it.. again, seen it, felt it!!!

According to me

– There can be no POSSESSIVEness between Friends… its a free world… we all have clusters of friends, and sometimes we bring em together, and other times keep em apart!! world is Happy!!
– You cannot get JEALOUS of your friend.. atleast i dont think you can… cos between friends, the bond is all about unconditional love and sharing/caring!!

So, i can now say once again – Am HAPPY with the friends i’ve got/made and the ones who went away, or are drifting away – Bon Voyage!!! Adios!!

Yes, it did hurt.. it was a jolt ..a kind of an awakening, but am glad i woke up!!! 🙂

To quote Tom & Jerry – Oh well, C’est la vie!! 🙂

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