When we come across an idea or a thought, we have this urge to share with others.. but there are times, when we need to hold our tongue and not unleash it and let it run amock…
We need to assess the situation of the other person, spend a minute thinking about “Do they want to hear this? is it of any use to them?” and share!! But i’ve come across people = friends and strangers who JUST dont think, they shoot their mouth like it was a rocket and then just wont listen to our reasoning or side of the story….
They keep harping on what they feel is right, 
how they think we need to listen to them and 
just blinding following them…

But i am the kind of person wjho will run the other direction if you push too much…. It could be anything from trying a food item, to attending a course!!
I firmly believe i will give it a try IF i feel like it and if it seems interesting to me.. NO matter how much you talk/sell/market it NOTHING will happen!!!
  • i do understand they have good intentions in mind
  • I do agree they mean well 
  • But why wont they understand i dont want to hear it from them or that am not intersted in what they are saying!! dont they get the message??? 
Sometimes i balantly tell them NO, Thank you
other times am trying hard to change the subject!
But NOPE, no effect.. its like they have made up their mind to keep going till i crumble and say “YES, ORDERS OBEYED!! ”  

No way, that just wont happen.. uh huh…. no can do!!  and these are people who’ve known me not for a month or so, but for years!!!

Why cant some people understand this and let be!! Sheesh.. am i asking for too much?
  • How would you deal with pushy people?
  • What would you do if someone were to keep at it non stop about something you are not too keen on?
tell tell.. plsss!! 😀
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