do i continue remaining as cool as i’ve been??? i remain cool and happy!!

Where is this coming from? well, blame it on the latest rage in town, or rather the world…Swine flu ..Wherever i turn people seem to be talking about it or reading out some news item related to it.

yes, it is sad that there is something that is killing people, especially kids
yes, it is very sad that we can do NOTHING about it, but protect ourselves..

Does this mean – we stop living?
Lock ourselves up in our room and say “i am safe”, actually, is that even possible?

Friends of mine are so paranoid, they are talking about not stepping out of the house
Not going out to eat, watch a movie or play…
They are hunting for face masks, which seem to be in short supply

Not only this, but they are all working HARD at messing with others as well.. Freak out as many as possible!!
Couple of them tried that with me, but realised it aint working!!! I mean, whats the point of getting worked up and worrying?

Say, i relent and decide to stay cooped up at home…
What are the guarantees that i wont fall ill?
What if my maid brings the bug?
or it comes floating in through the air into my room/house?

Yes, i agree we need to be cautious, but we need to also understand that there are certain things beyond our control..

If one has to fall ill and die, so be it!!! thats FATE and Destiny!! dont try beating it…

My BIGGEST argument is – ENJOY life today, do not worry about tomorrow… you could be around or be gone!!! Whats the point worrying that you dont enjoy your today!!!!????

Do read about the disease and be AWARE is my ONLY request!!!  PLS PLS PLS PLS DO NOT PANIC, READ UP AND SHARE INFO!!!

Here are some links with valuable info on Swine flu

PILLS that i’ve  been told works for this
1) Influenzum 200(potency)
Its homeopathy, which can work as preventive.
Its called “Influenzum 200(potency). Take 5 pills at a time , three times a day and for 5 days. Some schools in hyderabad asking the kids to take this medicine.

2) Tamiflu 
Here is a site that talks abt Tamiflu and its side effects-
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