Yep.. i did!! nothing big.. nothing major!! But heck, i won dint i!!!  What? You ask!! well, TOI [ Times of India for all you non paper reading dumbums..hehe] runs a Tambola [ Also called Lotto, Housie, Bingo-  A ticket comes every sunday with TOI paper and numbers in batches of 5 daily in TOI, all you gotta do is check if your ticket contains any of those numbers and keep scoring them out] every week… and i started playing couple of weeks back.. and last week, WEEK 5 proved to be LUCKY for moi!!  Yipee!!

I hit FULL HOUSE [Got all numbers in my ticket during the week] on saturday, and promptly , well, not really, after a bit of delay, went to the TOI office [ did you know the building is Pink in color.. ok, that in another post…not here!! ] and showed the ticket and brought home a bag bundle of goodies..
It was from BEAUTE BOUTIQUE [ dont ask me who that is, i’ve never heard of them till now, and dont know where their store is or where their products are retailed!! ]
Anyways,  i got a whole bunch of stuff thanks to them –
a Body wash- Doccia Gel [cant get enuf of body washes..yummm],

Yardley Powder, 

Lavender & Olive Oil Revitalising Mask, and 

a Eveline laboratories Thermal mask[ i know what it is cos i had to look front back and all around this little sachet, cos everything in the front was wwritten in some freakish wierdo language…dont believe me?hmfph, look at the pic]

and a coupon that entitles me ENTRY into the MEGA Tambola that happens on Sundays at Chinmaya Heritage center… yayyy!! here i come!!  wish me luck wont u!! Bah, stop being jealous, and be happy for your friend already!! 😀
Mightey pleased, i wandered about tell all and sundry about this..  So, now am all set, excited and looking fwd to SUNDAY!! Woohooooooooo .. may the luck linger on!!!
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