I’d been wanting to watch this movie, Prey for some time. and finally it got released in Sathyam cinemas, alas i knew no one would want to come with me for this gory gruesome movie.. SO, went and bought the dvd and watched it last night.. One hellova movie!!!
Directed by: Darrell Roodt
Written by: Darrell Roodt, Beau Bauman and Jeff Wadlow

Bridget Moynahan
-Amy Newman
Peter Welleras -Tom Newman
Carly Schroeder – Jessica Newman
Conner Dowds – David Newman

Jamie Bartlett – Crawford
Rating  ****1/2
The movie opens with a herd of female lions hunting in the dead of the night and scavenging on zebras and deers… The Newman family come to in Africa; Tom is there on work, and so rest of them decide to take a relaxing safari to see some of the wild animals. Unfortunately, the minute their guide/driver takes them “off the beaten track” do their troubles begin. David wants to take a leak, and the driver accompanies him out when they are attacked by a couple of hungry lions. David manages to rush into the car, while the driver is chewed up..Amy and the kids are now stranded, surrounded by these lions,who see them nothing more than a meal wrapped in a Jeep. As Tom returns, he finds his family missing, and the rangers talking about going for rescue operation in the morning only. He then takes it upon himself to contact this Mr Crawford who’s supposedly the only man for the job, convincing him to help out…
A movie that has blood and gruesome scenes around every corner.. With every step, you think “This is it”, “Oh God No, what is she doing”… and are left biting your nails, chewing your fingers till the very end… 
Amazing locations… awesome cinematography had me glued to the screen, as i sat through it in the middle of the night…!!! Enjoyed it immensely… For those of you who like such movies, also watch Ghost and the darkness 
Remember… “ Out here, you’re the endangered species…”
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