Born into a family of coffee lovers, i am used to people saying “I want a cup of coffee ” at odd hours of the day or few minutes after their previous cuppa.. But offlate, i find myself joining the band wagon.. Was never crazy about coffee, used to drink it once a day, started drinking coffee only after coming to chennai, when i was about 14 or so… Slowly. coffee seems to have taken over my system and now i enjoy more than one cup during the day… At times, you will find me enjoying a cup of hot coffee in the middle of the night… If you dint already know, am an owl, night time is when am at my peak, high energy~!!
Even now, am writing this post sipping coffee.. Anyways, have digressed enough…. The reason i started this post was to talk about how my coffee loving family had me surprised… Last evening uncle came home from office, and was having his evening coffee when suddenly he yelled out to me… I rushed from my room, wondering what was wrong or if something interesting was up on tv…
P[my uncle] – Hey, do you have the phone number of the place from where you bought that coffee?
Me: which one?
P: The one you gave me…
Me: Oh, the one from Talacauvery?
P: yes… The coffee is divine… better than C and L and all the others we buy here..
Taste was good… and quite thick tooo…
Do they add some dye? was so dark [all this in a chidish voie.. generally pulling my leg]
Me: just zip it.. admit you liked it… chumma dont be finding faults with it 😀
P: [twinkle in his eyes].. I did say it was nice.
ok, now how do we get more from that guy? Is there a number on the packet?
Me and P go to kitchen
Inspect the packet
There is a name and address.. Alas, no phone number….
Sad and forlorn return to hall..
Suddenly P: hey, why dont we write to him and ask him to courier us some packets…
Me: errr.. am not sure he knows english…
P: Idea.. get your friend in Blore to write in kannada…
Me: Right~!!my friends have nothing better to do [Bah! what all i gotta do for my family…. ]after all coffee~~
P: dont say just coffee, its “divine coffee” 😀 .
Totally worth the effort…
Now as i sip the coffee, i do realise it tastes different and better than what we normally buy… Hmmm, K here i come with a request 😀 [be ready] …Am sure he wouldnt mind some himself.. being a coffee lover~~ 😀
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