1—A friend:- Hey Aaarti, Listen.. do you have some time to spare today afternoon? something i wanna talk about………..

2—Auto driver:-Madam, what to tell.. need to make Rs300 before end of night.. taking family and going to Pune for a wedding… been driving non stop since morning, will go home only at 2 or 3am…

3–A guy:- My parents did the drama that you see in movies, told me my dad was dying and convinced me to quit my job and move to Chennai…

No, these arent random sentences.. these are things people have told me, and why this post is here 🙂

I have noticed that i seem to have the ability to talk to people, not just those i know, but others as well .. I’ve had friends, random strangers i meet [ some where guys i met for matrimonial purposes n others were just people i met through someone, or here and there] , auto drivers[  oh, i can write a book about these tales] talk to me about their life, issues, family problems and what not!! Initially i used to get perplexed, wondering whoa, whats up, where did that come from!! But after a while, got used to it and now am kinda glad that people feel comfortable enough to talk deep personal stuff with me and i am able to help them in some way – either offer some support, guidance or simply lend a listening ear…
There are times when i joke around saying “Had i started charging for every session, i would be a multi millionaire by now”… And now check out this horoscope i got,

Horoscope Prediction — “What a great day for you, Aaarti! You seem to have the innate listening abilities of a therapist or a counselor. Everyone comes to you with their problems, or just to cry on your shoulder. They know that you will listen to them without judgment. Have you ever thought about doing something like this for a living? Perhaps today will make you think about it.”

Hmmm, interesting aint it?

About a month ago, when we went on a holiday, was telling my friends- “am gonna put up a stall outside my house with Irctc[train ticket booking] on it… cos i’d been booking tickets left right center and some more… I sent them and some others this horoscope prediction and Phat came the reply … “put up a board right next to your Irctc saying Counselling “…

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