Do need to know someone before going on a trip with them?
Absolutely not…
Do you need to be comfortable around someone to spend time with them?
Yep, to a certain extent…
Do you need to know someone before having fun with them?
Well, these were questions that played in my head… all of which i realized popped in because this was a 1st time experience of being around someone and being so comfy and happy!! A friend i made through a friend-Apar, but was he a friend? really? in the true sense? not really… honestly.. but today, i can proudly say he,KR, is one awesome friend.. and am glad i got the chance to meet and spend time with him.. A bigger thanks to Apar for having intro’d us !!!
The holiday we took last week had us cracking up like crazy.. laughing till our tummies hurt… shooting quirks n one liners randomly… walking up and down aimlessly….
Going berserk over a game of carrom board when a 4yr old was beating us … 🙂
Threatening to break things on our heads when we were fast asleeep…!! ;o)
No thinking before talking
No hesitation in voicing thots
No second guessing…
Not only this.. we were completing each others’ sentences
Thinking the exact same thing!!!
Woww… was fun!! 🙂
It was a lovely experience… dont think i’ve been thru something like this before!! and maybe that is why i know i will cherish this experience /trip for a long time to come!!
I have been on trips with people i dint know
I have connected with strangers and built a bond
but somewhere there was a bit of strain or weirdness or distance[not the physical one]
But this time, it was amazing!!
I did things i’ve never done before…
I was absolutely enjoying myself…
Thanks guys!!
{dont ask me where this post came from.. just had to pen down what was floating in my head… :)]
More on the weekend trip coming up on my Travel blog.. 🙂 Wait up!!!
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