I know, its been 2months since my B’day flew by but there is one gift which is is yet to be opened… Its from my dear friend Anita, who I’ve known over 14yrs 16yrs and running [touch wood]…
Time to unwrap the gift[ err for those who’ve not understood, its a holiday package] and enjoy the adventures….!!!
The road beckons…
Tickets booked
Bags are nowhere in sight…
The packing list lies untouched
Beach, the sun, the streets
  Am sure there is more in store….
Excitement mounting within me
        Looking forward to new adventures…………
Been long since i wandered
On my own,
Just me for company
Armed with nothing
but wishes, and advice
friends and family…
[the few souls who know where am headed…lolz]
Toodle dooo… ;o)
[before u ask, yes, i wrote that little verse…]
Off tomorrow noon and should be back next friday morning!!! Woohoooooo~!!!
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