Had gone to a friend’s wedding [ Met this wonderful guy through Apar and Archana].. MNA and i hit it off instantly and from there on we came buddies, who caught up with almost all the plays, concerts/ performances happening around town.. Was good fun… He got married on Oct 21st, we [me, Apar, A jr and S] went for the reception the previous evening- Oct 20th..
Decided to jam at Apar’s place and head to the mandap from there, since it was closest, but that too wasnt close enough.. the cab ride took almost half hour ,with all of us wondering where the bleddy hall ws..hehehe.. Relief knew no bounds as we saw the name “Ganesh Hall” … 🙂
After our photo session with the bride n groom, we headed to the main purpose of the evening.. Dinner.. Foood… [Bah!! We were hungry, ok!!].. After a brief scanning the dining hall, we spotted an area that had 4seats, just what we wanted… 😀
Plonked ourselves and generally spoke about what a lovely couple they made, and blah blah [ usual girl talk you know.. :D].. food came into sight… It was yummy!!! We thoroughly enjoyed it… Simple, and delicious… not over the top masala or salt or spice…
Anyways.. our neighbors were done eating, and so another couple of people took their place… as we were about done and ready to getup, this man next to mine who had just sat in that empty seat commented looking at the messy half eaten banana leaf – “Ethukku ippadi elathayum potundu , sapdama, waste panra puriyala.. ethana per sapaade illama kashtapadra…, anniyayam ithu..” [why do people get so much food served on their plate and not eat most of it, there are so many people suffering cos they dont have any food, this is so unfair”… [ the banana leaf next to mine had half eaten food, was almost like the man who sat there just ate bits and pieces, and messed up the remaining food and got off]….
Even at home my policy is serve yourself little, finish it and then go for 2nd helping.. Dont pile things on and then look for others to help you polish it off to chuck in the bin… such a waste!! Almost like we are disrespecting the food and taking advantage of our comforts…!!!
Anyways… Have a lovely weekend!!!
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