Phew… after a lot of chugging, this is my 275th post in this blog!!! 🙂
Quite an achievement i must say… And am quite proud of myself too..[For being able to keep all my blogs alive :-)]
I’ve got 4 blogs, for those who dint know that…

Life goes on.- Where i rant and rave about general things happening in life..

Reeltreat – A space for me to pen down reviews of movies, books and concerts/shows i’ve attended.. 

Tapestry of words – The 1st blog i started, it was more of a cache to store my creative works… 

Wandering soul – An exclusive blog just for my travelogues…escapades… 
[stop gaping , and close your mouth, wouldnt want mosquitoes and bees to buzz inside..hehe]
Wanna say a big Thank you to all the lovely fellow bloggers, lurkers and non bloggers who’ve been through this journey with me… Oh darn it, i cant find my Thank you speech anywhere.. seem to have lost those post its..!! ;o) 
want to tell you “Thank you,”
But it doesn’t seem enough.
Words don’t seem sufficient–
“Blah, blah” and all that stuff.
With every comment
with every visit
you made me smile,
mad me wanna write some more
Share, i did  and i shall
my day and life
Through words and pictures
for, they are all my tools!!
Thank you!!
and… See ya around… ;o)
Have a lovely fun weekend!!! 🙂
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