one of those random moments where i was bored and took a blogthings quiz…. Must say the outcome is pretty interesting….. !!

      People Love That You’re Witty and Funny 

        You’re the person who always can spin a great tale or make a witty crack. You are naturally funny, and you have the confidence to tell joke after joke.

        Only your closest friends see your serious side, and people who don’t know you well might be surprised to find out how insightful you are.

     You are a determined optimist. If you have lemons, you will make lemonade… even if you don’t have any sugar or ice.

 Of all your friends, you’re the firt to raise a toast, celebrate an occasion, or just remember someone’s birthday. You try hard to keep everyone in good spirits.

And yes, right now i got no lemons, my basket is empty.. anybody wanna throw me some?? feeling kinda parched!! ;o)
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