Its not a new mountain that has been found … it is what has me addicted , hooked and  giving me sleepless[well, almost] nights…
Klueless 5, the latest from the creators of Klueless…
For all those with a blank stare, wondering what language am talking or if i’ve lost it, Klueless is an online game like no other.. As you clear a level, you move to the next one..
  • Each level presents oodles of clues
  • You gotta have your eyes, ears and every other sense alive and kicking..
  • There are levels where the clue/answer stares you in the face..
  • In others, you gotta rack your brains, pull out every strand of hair and wonder what is the clue… 
  • Look here.. look there.. look everywhere!! 
  • Be ready to spend hours wondering what you are missing..!!! 😀 
Ofcourse there are zillion blogs and websites where discussions are on, where you can get tips and hints.. but the answer has to be from YOU….
I gotta say a BIG Thanks to Apar for getting me intro’d to this game… Couple of months back she had mentioned it… I let it lie… Couple of days back she resurfaced with K5.. I then started playing Klueless 4, finished it in a day or so and started K5 on 15th Nov, after spending the evening at her place and working on solving a level… we did everything possible, and finally she got it… hehehe… !!!
Another blog friend, Imp’s mom is also playing, except she aint so addicted, is taking it nice and slow!! 🙂
Do give it a shot.. but remember, you wont be able to stop…!!
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