Where: Coorg

When: 30th Sep to 4th Oct

Who: 3 absolutely wacko souls and one 4yr old~!!

Coorg [or Kodagu] a destination that had been on my “To visit” list was finally going to happen. After wee bit of planning, the journey began on 30th Sep night for us all – 3 1/2souls looking forward to a fun filled weekend.. The plan was Apar, A Jr and I shall head to Mysore from Chennai, Kr will join us there and we head towards Coorg. Kr was the only one who’d traveled to Coorg earlier, so he was our guide as well.  Reached Mysore on 1st Oct around 7.30am, headed to Dasaprakash for a hot cup of coffee and breakfast before heading to Hotel Ginger to freshen up.

Digression alert – Hotel Ginger is a lovely hotel, very chic and modern. The lobby house a Café Coffee Day and an Offbeat store [where you can pick up quirky T shirts]. There are trolleys to move your baggage around, good fun~!! Anyways, we spent a few hours here, lazing about and surprising Apar with her B’day cake.

As we hit the road towards Coorg, the sights that greeted us enroute were breathtaking… Dark clouds, green fields, bright colored homes. List is endless!! Took us over 2hrs, and finally we found the homestay we were booked into– Coorg Hallimane.. It is right next to Veerabhoomi Resorts, a tourist village in Kushal Nagar.
Okay, back to our journey. We reached around 2ish, requested the kitchen to bring us some basic meal – daal, rice, roti. Food was served piping hot, and was quite HOT as well [read – mouth burning, sweat dripping spicy, so we pleaded with them to tone down the spice quotient, which they very sweetly did] 🙂
The place is serene, hidden amidst hills, with nothing around.. open space like never before that welcomed us with cool breeze and gentle drizzle. The cottage was roomy, spacious and had all that we could hope for. The entire place was done up quite well – rustic wooden theme that started with the door and went on till the window panes, TV table and flooring.. The rooms in the main building each had a individual theme- absolutely beautiful..
There were also some ducks, hen, chicken scampering about.. Not to forget a cage of beautiful colorful birds.. A Jr and infact all of us had fun going Ooh aah at all of them, and clicking pics left right and center!! 😀
That noon, we pretty much just lazed about and settled in..Walked around, exploring the area, and since we were the only guests then it was good fun having all that space just to ourselves…
….What else did we do? well, wait for that…. 🙂

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