Its been raining incessantly here in Chennai, and there was no way i could head out yesterday.. Sunday, spent at home driving myself up and over the wall.. Finally, decided enough is enough and pulled out my external hard drive and started scanning thru to see what movies i had on it…
The one that i knew would cheer me up was “Air Buddies“… What better movie than one with Dogs and pups!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
Air bud, a succesfull ball player finds true love and they bring into this world 5 adorable pups- Air Buddies!!
The next generation comes along with five puppies. Budderball is crazy about football and all he thinks about is his next meal. B-Dawg plays basketball, isnโ€™t exactly a team player, and speaks of himself in the third person. Buddha is into meditation, yoga and  loves baseball. Mudbud loves playing in the dirt and is a mutt who enjoys simple pleasures, including volleyball. Rosebud is the only girl in the clan, loves soccer, and is a true lady, but one who will do anything to protect her brothers!! ๐Ÿ™‚
Five puppies around the house, all of them active and rambunctious, turns out to be too much for the family. Thatโ€™s made particularly clear when the nanny the family hires to look after the puppies gets tied in her chair  and her blueberry pie completely devoured by the pups, while the family is at a basketball game. 
The movie is all about the family wanting to give the pups up for adoption and they running away just so they can be with each other.. What follows is an amazing tale of how the parents go looking for their pups, and the twists and turns they encounter and what happens in the end has us all going “Awww, how chweet”…
Air bud and his girl are kidnapped all bcos a rich spoilt brat wants a pet he can play with… A tiger was the 1st choice, but Duh, whats the point of having a wild tiger for a pet, right?  What follows it that the bad guys are sent to find the pups as well, cos they are worth quite a lot… This is when the plot thickens and the pups decide to go looking for their mom and dad[ parallely the bad guys are looking for them] , they come across quite a few interesting characters… But the 1st thing they do is to consult the town map to figure out where the bad guys are headed..The chase through the farm involving the billy goat is especially well done, and the showcasing 101 Dalmatians receives while at the movie theater fits in nicely. The dogs run helter skelter, proving to be more than a handful to the bad guys…!! 
Even the silly Sheriff’s Sniffer dog is adorable.. How he thinks a skunk’s spray cured his sniffing problems… and ultimately helps lead the boys to their pups.. And how can we forget the wolf that takes the pups into his den and helps them find their way….
Air Buddies is a great family film.. how can it not be right? It has it all – Romance, drama, thriller, mystery, comedy…  Was quite impressed with how good the head movements and body language of the puppies works beautifully. Not only that, but the character of each of the puppies is clearly defined and allows them to sound and act unique.
If you are a dog lover, do watch it..
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