Read about how it all started and the journey till now ….

After that all fun, driving around, visit to talacauvery, we chilled the  last day at Coorg Hallimane… Woke up, lazed about, discovered the place had rabbits, A jr had a ball feeding them grass, and we freaked out taking pictures of the bunnies… That day, since the place was full, we had buffet style breakfast at the main building…. After stuffing ourselves, and some photo shoots… hehe… we settled the dues, packed our bags and bid adieu… but that was not the end..
Got a call from Hallimane saying we’d once again forgotten our umbrella.. so another here we go round the Kushal nagar roads, we found one of the guys holding the umbrella waiting for us near the tree that was the landmark !! 😉
This time, the road took us back to Mysore… and to the jam packed Hotel Siddhartha, but not before a mini stop at Ginger to see if they had a room [ just maybe…:)].. Just couldnt find parking at Siddhartha, apparently its a favourite spot for travellers/tourists for lunch/eats.. Parked the car across the road and went in to check on the rooms we had blocked!!! Surveyed the room offered[ nice big spacious room, with a sofa, huge bathroom and all at a very decent fare, it is much cheaper than Ginger], decided it was good and

waited for our bags to land before ordering room service lunch…

A jr wasnt feeling too well, so we let him rest up.. Towards evening, connected with another Blog friend- Imp’s mom[she was also the guide for cake, which was yummilicous] in Mysore, and realised we better check out the zoo, for there was no time the next day.. What should have taken 5mins, took over 15mkins[was what i deduced going by all the turns we took] cos of all the diversions on the road … Got tickets and off we went into the zoo to be greeted by the adorable tall Giraffes..
The walk around the zoo is about 2kms,but there are electric tram kinda vehicles as well that ply frequently… We took our time, taking pictures, admiring some of the animals/birds, feeling sorry for some of the others [ actually most of them were in bad shape.. looke like they hadnt eaten in days and their cages hadnt been cleaned in forever].. The bear, hyene, elephants, vulture all looked like they were dead n gone… saw a white tiger lounging on a rock, was it doped, i wondered.. Towards the end of the walk, we reached the reptile cages, and i must say the snakes i think are DEAD indeed… they were just lying there on top of a branch like someone had dropped a rag cloth… Sad indeed…. 🙁
Here’s a slideshow of the zoo and the Palace~!!

Imp’s mom called and invited us over to a hotel for some tiffin and hot coffee. That was the 1st time i was meeting her and her adorable daughter, we hit it off instantly… Bonded over dosa n coffee and decided to go check out the Mysore Palace which was lit for an hour or so in the evenings..

Thanks to the crazy traffic, we caught glimpses of the palace while on the move, untill the plan of driving up Chamundi Hills happened… Drove to a view point, and armed with cameras we clicked away to glory!!!  Good fun!!! That was how the day ended…. 🙂

4th Nov dawned too soon, it was the day we had to get back to Blore and then to Chennai…It was fun till the minute we hopped on the doubts of that!! . Time sure flies when you are having fun!!  and this is one trip i know i shall never forget… vivid as if it happened yesterday!!! 🙂 Thanks guys for an awesome trip….

Adios.. Until we meet again…

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