There are times when i use the switch in my head, and then there are those other times when it goes unused, rusting away…
Off late, i’ve realised i Switch off when it comes to certain people… I mean earlier i used to just ignore or not care too much, but now complete tune out happening.. Nothing they say, or do goes through me- even the shallow skin surface level. And i must say, am quite impressed with myself.. cos this means i am in full control of my thots, my mind and heart!! 🙂
Is it a sign of maturity or just a sign of accepting things and people the way they are?
My mom always says – “you wont change, people around you wont change, it will just keep going on like two parallel tracks”.. That is so true!! I’ve known this for a while now, but guess it is coming into action full force now…
Another aspect i’ve noticed about myself is – life is easier and am happier with this “no /low expectation” philosophy.. Its not that i’m cold or dont care, its just that i’ve learnt to accept people have their lives, and probably better things to do than deal with my expectations..
It could be phone call
it could be a mail or
Returning a favor or
saying Thanks for something i did or
just about anything under the sun and the moon and stars and the sky………
But yes, there is that little teeny soft voice inside me that wishes certain people will respond, or give me a tinkle, but alas, nothing seems to happen!! Sigh.. it hurts, but then i just brush it off and keep going… !! Guess thats life!! We have no choice but to deal with it and live with it and accept it!!
Gosh, havent written something this serious in long and being someone who doesnt like to write long posts, am gonna wind up here!! Do let me know how your switch works??!! .. 🙂

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